Dromana cerc.ltd

(Dromana Common Equity Rental Housing Co-operative Ltd.)




Are you interested in becoming a member of a CERC?


As of 1st July 2009, provided you meet the eligibility requirements, you must first register with the Office of Housing for public housing. On registering you will be issued with a Registration Number which you must retain. You will also be  asked if you have any objections to your application being referred to a Housing Association. (Common Equity Housing Limited is one such Association and is the parent company of this Co-operative).

On your contact with Common Equity Housing Limited (CEHL) to apply you will be required to attend an information session (approx two hours), and on completion will be supplied with an Application to be placed on their database.

When a CERC has a property available for rental it will ask Common Equity Housing Limited for a number of applicants from the "Trained" database and conduct interviews of the applicants supplied.


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